5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Your Next Purchase

The one mistake we make one too many times when we go shopping is buying the same item over and over again. We would make less purchasing mistakes, if we knew the right things to ask ourself before busting out the credit card. 

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before your next purchase. 

  1. Do I have something like this? Admit it, this is probably causing an over stuffed closet making you feel you have nothing to wear. If you have something like it you don’t need to have it in every shade, move on.
  2. Do I want this because it’s in trend? Yes, the top fashion experts are saying it’s the coolest jacket but if it doesn’t represent who you are or your style don’t buy it just to look COOL, you are not trying to fit it you are trying to STAND OUT in your unique style. Besides would you really wear it again after the trend phase is over? 
  3. Does it fit me well? Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s cute on you. Really look at the way it fits your body type and how it makes you feel before actually buying it. 
  4. What is my closet missing? Just the way you make a grocery shopping list, consider making a shopping list of key items your wardrobe might be missing. Especially those basic pieces that could go a long way and can easily be versatile in your style. 
  5. Is it a cheap buy or investment? Will it be an item you will get the best investment for your buck or just buying it because it’s a good deal? There is nothing worth buying that will make you feel guilty. Understand your budget and where you want to spend your money.